Announcements:  October 10/11, 2020


·          You may have noticed a new sign at the entrance of the Church. Many of our parishioners are requesting a time of quiet before Mass begins for personal prayer and meditation. It is a time to quiet our thoughts and prepare our hearts to celebrate Mass. This can be a very powerful time of transformation and we invite all parishioners to join us during this to just “BE”.


·          We will be holding a “Fall Clean Up Bee” on Saturday, October 17, 2020 at 10am, here at the church.  We no longer have a hired maintenance person so we are relying on our church family to help us our while we weather this rough patch.  If you are able, please bring a rake and your work gloves and help us out.


·          If you are doing your fall cleaning and have bottles to get rid of, you may want to donate them to the church.  We have an account with the Leduc Bottle Depot. Please bring your bottles there and ask that they would be credited to “St. Michael’s Account”. Proceed will go towards church expenses.


·          Please make sure you register for weekend Masses.  Our Mass attendance is going up every weekend (Thanks be to God) and we don’t want walk in parishioners to be disappointed if we have reached capacity when they come in for weekend Masses. The lists are printed out for the weekend at 4pm on Fridays, so please register before that time.  You can register online or phone the office.