• When a loved one dies, families are asked to contact the parish as soon as possible.  
  • The Pastor and Pastoral Associate will meet with the family and explain the funeral process.  
  • Family members are invited to choose the Scripture (Bible) readings and Prayers of the Faithful, and to choose people to read them.  
  • Family members are also invited to choose the hymns and songs that will be sung at the funeral.
  • A funeral may either be a Mass or a Liturgy of the Word.
  • The evening before the funeral, many families choose to have Prayers (Vigil) which may include a viewing of the body and Words of Remembrance.  Family members are also invited to choose the Scripture readings and music for the Vigil.
  •  The Pastor and Pastoral Associate are happy to provide assistance in choosing the Scripture readings and the music. 

Music at Catholic Funerals

 All liturgy – whether a Liturgy of the Word or Mass – is praise and worship of God.                                                     The music used at any Funeral liturgy must reflect this reality

 The “Guide for Planning Catholic Funerals” published by the Archdiocese of Edmonton, states that “All music in the church must be liturgical in nature.” 

 It also says, “If the funeral is taking place within a specific liturgical season (Advent, Lent, Christmas, Easter) it will be most appropriate to have hymns that reflect this, in order to connect the death of the deceased with the rhythm of the Church’s liturgical year.”


                                    How many songs are necessary?

Funeral Mass: 4 Songs and 1 Psalm

          Entrance Song

        Song During the Preparation of the Gifts

          Communion Song

          Closing Song


        Liturgy of the Word Funeral:  3 Songs and 1 Psalm

           Entrance Song

           Meditation Song after the Homily         

       Closing Song


Prayers (Vigil):  1 Psalm & 3 Songs: 

   Entrance Song  

           Meditation Song after the Homily/Reflection 

           Closing Song


A Psalm is sung after the First Reading.  The Psalms are found in the Catholic Book of Worship from #15 to #227.  It is best to discuss the choice of the Psalm with the musicians who are providing the music for the funeral and/or prayers.


Acclamations:  Full, active, conscious participation of the Assembly at Funeral liturgies is the norm.  Therefore, in addition to the Songs, hymns, and Psalm, the Gospel Acclamation (Alleluia) and the Eucharistic Acclamations (Holy, Memorial Acclamation, Great Amen, and Lamb of God) should also be sung.


Some Suggested Funeral Songs:   (CBW=Catholic Book of Worship  ~  BB=Breaking Bread)

Amazing Grace (CBW)

Be Not Afraid (CBW, BB)

Blest Are They (CBW, BB)

Healer of our Every Ill (CBW)

Here I Am Lord (CBW, BB)

Holy Darkness (BB)

How Great Thou Art (CBW)

Jesus, Remember Me (CBW)

Like a Shepherd (CBW, BB)

O Loving God (tune of Danny Boy) BB

On Eagles Wings (BB)

Shelter Me, O God (CBW)

The Lord’s My Shepherd (CBW)

You Are Near (CBW, BB)

Peace is Flowing Like a River (BB)

Prayer of St. Francis (Make me a Channel of Your Peace) (BB)

Sing with All the Saints in Glory (Tune: Ode to Joy) (CBW, BB)

You are Mine (BB)