St. Michael's  YOUTH GROUP


The Thrive Youth Group is open for parishioners from

grades 5 and up.



Youth Group is held virtually during COVID 19 Pandemic



Skating Event


 St. Michael Thrive Youth Group is planning to meet up on   January 21, 2022 at the LRC for the public skate                    (COVID restrictions allowing)

We will gather at the LRC, (pool entrance) at 6:30pm, pray, then lace up and go skating.

                                                   Each participant will be required to pay their own admission,                                                          (adult: $9.25, ages 8-17: $6:25, ages 3-7: $4.50,  families: $21.25)  

We will be required to follow the COVID restrictions in place at the LRC: masks required everywhere in building except while skating, everyone ages 12+ are required to show a valid QR vaccination code or                        negative COVID test.                     

Skaters 12 years and under are required to wear CSA certified helmets.  Please bring your own water bottles.